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White Wedding

2012: Church Wedding Solemnization

Approximately 350 guests attended the blissful wedding. A fair share of young and old were mesmerized by the presence of our colourful candy floss. Even the bride could not resist taking a picture with the candy floss.

2018: The beauty of our work is that we get to share the joy from our customers.

Ever since we started Candy floss and popcorn machine rental, we may have done more than 100 weddings, served >10,000 guests in total. So why do couple have candy floss machine at their wedding? As we all understand that wedding can sometime be boring, especially to the younger ones. Wedding are meant for adults, for them to catch up on their lost time, and it has nothing to do with these poor kids – age 2-25 (I agree I may have exaggerate on the age gap)!

So why not get a candy floss machine on site? We are giving these kiddos entertainment! Give them a chance to play with the machine, study the chemistry, observe how it works, decorate the place with coloured floss, have sugar as dessert, keep them happy, give them energy to mingle with boring conversations, kill their time! I cannot think more reason not to have this for wedding!


Floss for our buddies

2012: Children’s Day Celebration held at International School

What happened when your customers are between the age of 3 to 7 years old?

2018: Looking back these 6-7 years of our work, we realized that our humble success in the market is to serve our customer tasty, light and fluffy cotton candy. Yes, tasty! We often get that comment from our repeated customers, they told us that our floss is one of the best they have eaten thus far in this hot and humid climate – Singapore! We use a special blend of sugar mixture, with a hint of fruit flavor, we serve them in a ready to go stick. You will finish within seconds!

Food safety and hygiene is also one of the key confidence we assure our clients.

Having two outlets in Jalan Pelikat and East Village, we attained the highest possible shop hygiene status and we are proud to share that we have been consistent since we started Candy House.

Our First

2012: This is a school charity bazaar which attracted close to 500 attendees during the fund raising event.

The organiser purchased 300 cups of candy floss and managed to sell them all to help raise fund for the less fortunate.

2018: We contemplated for very long whether to remove these non FB/instag friendly pictures, eventually, we decided to keep them.

 These images meant a lot to us – taken in 2012 at a school carnival, Candy House made its first bulk order Candy Floss sales to a school charity event. They were gone in seconds! The minute these products were displayed out, it got snatched off the shelves.  Not only it helped to raise fund for the school, this debut candy floss sales became our business, our passion and our adrenaline to keep Candy House going till date.

Join our journey – all the events we do, are our commitment to our customers, to serve affordable sweets to the younger ones, to give back to the community! We hope you too can contribute in one way or another!