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Wedding Solemnization

About this event

These pictures were taken during a Church Wedding Solemnization. Approximately 350 guests attended the blissful wedding.

A fair share of young and old were mesmerized by the presence of our colourful candy floss.

Even the bride could not resist taking a picture with the candy floss.

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Children’s Day Celebration

About this event

These images are from a Children’s Day Celebration held in a School Hall.

Teachers accompanying their students, who were between 3 to 7 years old were our main customers of the day!

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School Charity Bazaar

About the event

This is a school charity bazaar which attracted close to 500 attendees during the fund raising event.

The organiser purchased 300 cups of candy floss and managed to sell them all to help raise fund for the less fortunate.

Check out the event photo below.