Candy House – Your Local Cotton Candy Shop (Draft)


Cotton Candy and Popcorn!

Looking for pre-packaged Popcorn or Cotton Candy? Or perhaps rent the machines for your event?

You have come to the right place! Cotton candy also known as candy floss is a wonderful treat to any fun activity of any scale. Here at Candy House, we provide ‘head’ size ready-to-eat cotton candy and crunchy popcorn at our shop front at Downtown East. We also provide machine rental for cotton candy machine and/or popcorn for your parties or events at very affordable prices…

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Why us?

Candy House is the leading supplier for pre-packaged cotton candy and popcorn in Singapore. We also provide cotton candy and popcorn machine rental to corporate functions, fund raisings, weddings and birthday parties.

We have a retail shop front at Downtown East, Singapore where you can buy readily available fresh cotton candy and popcorn daily. We are widely considered by many as their trusted partner when it comes to pre-packaged cotton candy / popcorn as we make sure only quality products are delivered to our consumers.

Do check out our pre-packaged party favours or contact us for a customised order for your special day. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find your sweet treat at Candy House.

Services offered by Candy House

  • Supply pre-packaged cotton candy / popcorn to retailers and events
  • Provide cotton candy or popcorn machine rental to events
  • Supply cotton candy related supplies
  • Sale of cotton candy or popcorn machine
  • Supply various assortment of candies to events and shop
  • Fresh cotton candy and popcorn daily at Downtown East Singapore
  • Excellent service!

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Our products and services

Pre-Packaged Candy Floss
Pre-packaged candy floss gives our customers the flexibility for any scale of event. We also customize packaging for private functions such as corporate events, school bazaar, weddings and birthday parties. Read more

Candy Floss Machine Rental
We provide candy floss machine rental for small to large scale private events, catering for approximately 50 – 500 attendees. Read more

Popcorn Machine Rental
We provide popcorn machine rental for small to large scale private events, catering for approximately 50 – 500 attendees. Read more