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Gourmet Popcorn

Candy House offers more than just your regular sweet and savory popcorn in Singapore.


Caramel popcorn

Gourmet kettle popped caramel popcorn Hand churned to deliver the best caramel popcorn ever made, without the remnants or husks of traditional popcorn kernels – perfect start to your special event.

Popped Maize kernels with Sugar Coating – Made from Premium Popcorn kernels that contains zero trans-fat and is GMO, Gluten and Dairy Free making it a healthy addition to your party or snack table.

Popcorn seasoned with Finer Flake Salt – Not your usual salt crystal. The result is more salt sensation – but with less sodium. This seasoning salt for popcorn features a far better buttery flavour than any other brand.

Tri Flavour Popcorn – Caramel, Sweet and Salted. Combining all three Popcorn flavours because our friends asked if they can be greedy and have all flavours in the same bucket! Yes, we can mixed them up in the right proportion and serve you freshly made gourmet popcorn!

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